2017 Juniors Officials Requirements


For Junior Teams To Complete Required Junior Officiating and Junior Scorekeeping Training:

Each Individual Junior Player (and coach) will need to login to WEBPOINT (click here) and register for Region Clinics (at the bottom of the left-side margin) and choose:

JUNIOR PLAYER SCORER and/or JUNIOR PLAYER REFEREES clinics for credit. Once Registered for choosen coursework, click of USAV Academy Button at the bottom of the page to access the online interactive coursework.

This training is free and the exams are included in the interactive training.

2016-2017 Jr. Referee Clinician's Guide

2016-2017 Jr. Scorer Clinician's Guide



The Gateway Region philosophy is to develop junior athletes as officials and as players.  The Officials' Board requires that all junior teams participating in Gateway Region tournaments have trained officials.  Our emphasis is placed on training the teams to officiate and function as a unit rather than require individuals to be rated and certified.

Initial training is required prior to participating in any tournaments.  A practical evaluation will be conducted in a gymnasium using a game situation format.  An approved evaluator will assist the coaches with training their players to officiate (referee, keep score, line judge, etc.). The evaluator will assist the coach with development and training of their team so that they may better understand their role and responsibility as officials.  The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that all teams know how to officiate prior to the playing season. Coaches will be required to continue to develop and train their athletes as officials throughout the season.


Each participating team is required to have a minimum of one 1st Referee, one 2nd Referee, one Scorer (recommended to have an assistant scorer to track the Libero and aid with the visual score) and two Line Judges in attendance at every tournament. A maximum of four people are allowed at the scorer’s table: scorer, flipper, libero tracker and a coach who is supervising. These officials need to officiate during any pool play match or tournament playoff match.


If teams do not have certified officials for matches they are scheduled to officiate, they will pay a fee of $60 per official needed. This non-refundable fee is paid to the Tournament Director, who will then ensure there are certified officials to officiate at that time. Adult officials who work junior events must be background screened. It is recommended that each certified replacement official receive $20 per match. This fee does not "buy" the rest of the officiating team. The team that is scheduled to officiate must still provide line judges and a visual score operator.


EVERY SEASON, a team must:

  • Register the team and all individuals associated with that team.  (Parents wanting to participate as referees and/or scorers must register and pass a background screen every other year.)
  • Attend a clinic given by an approved clinician. Junior clinicians must complete the USAV/GW referee clinic online annually, including the GW modules, prior to giving a clinic.
  • Complete and pass an open-book written examination.
  • Complete and pass a practical evaluation given by an approved evaluator.
    *  Certification expires January 1 of the next year.


  • If your club has an approved clinician and evaluator, they will need to complete the online training modules and obtain all pertinent materials from the Gateway Region office. You will also need to inform the office personnel of your scheduled dates for conducting the required clinics and practical evaluations at least two weeks in advance.
  • To become an approved Junior clinician, scorekeeping and officiating online modules may be accessed through USA Volleyball Academy. Login into your Webpoint Account, then look to the left sidebar and click on Region Clinics, and a list of clinics will populate - Gateway Jr Referee and Scorer Clinicians are listed - and you may then click on the "Register Now!" buttons. Then click on the RED button at the bottom of the left sidebar to enter USAV Academy to watch the online modules.

  • If your club does not have an approved clinician or evaluator, you will be required to contact the office as soon as possible. Depending on the size and location of your club, one or more of the following options may be available:
  • A region approved clinician and evaluator will be sent to your area to conduct the clinic and practical evaluation.
  • Attend a clinic and practical evaluation being held by another club in your area
  • Attend a region sponsored clinic and practical evaluation.
  • The region requires a two week time period in order to coordinate clinics and clinicians. You will be responsible for obtaining all pertinent materials from the Gateway Region office.


  • Practical evaluations must be conducted in a gymnasium during a game situation. (Minimum of 18 participants required. Two (2) teams playing and one (1) team officiating).
  • An approved evaluator will conduct all practical evaluations. Date, time, and place is required to be approved two weeks in advance.
  • Must be completed one (1) week prior to competing in a sanctioned tournament.


  • When players are officiating (at any age level), it is mandatory that the officiating team’s coach or assistant coach be part of the officiating team or remain at or near the scorer’s table throughout the entire officiating assignment. Coaches, parents and all others are not allowed to stand on/at the referee stand with the referee during junior events.
  • A maximum of four people are allowed at the scorer’s table: scorer, flipper, libero tracker and coach or assistant coach who is supervising.
  • Members of the officiating team may not use any electronic devices (including, but not limited to cell phones and I-pods) during their officiating assignment, except for the purpose of timing warm-ups. Officiating members found using electronic devises during a match will be subject to a five-point penalty assessed to the first set of their next match.
  • A Junior Officials’ Mentoring Program has been implemented for the 11s and 12s Division. When available, the region will provide one mentor per each court to assist/critique the officiating throughout the pool play and then referee the playoffs. Adult mentors must be background screened. If no mentors are at a tournament, only adults or juniors, 15 years and older, are allowed to be the 1st referee; exceptions must be approved by the Tournament Director.
  • If a junior player is refereeing a playoff match, the Tournament Director has the authority to replace that official if deemed necessary, unless the player is an adult certified referee.


  • Teams not participating in playoffs cannot be required to perform any officiating duties in playoffs.
  • Teams that advance to playoffs and then cannot continue playing for any reason must still fulfill any officiating duty required of the losing team in bracket play.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual teams to check the standings for playoff berths and/or officiating duties.


1.   If your team does not attend and complete their clinic requirements one (1) week prior to competing, you will not be eligible to play in any Gateway Region tournaments until compliance is met or officials fees are paid (preferably in advance) to the Tournament Director.
2.   Written reports of repeated unsatis factory officiating will result in a review by the Officials' Board or their designee and another practical clinic may be required. If subsequent practical clinics are required, a $75 fee per clinic must be paid to the Region. This fee will cover the costs associated with the clinic.
3.  Continued problems may result in team suspensions.

    • Teams that arrive late for officiating duties will be charged a $100 fine, payable to the Tournament Director to pay the replacement officials (1st Referee, 2nd Referee and Scorer paid $20 each, the visual Scorer, each line judge, and the Tournament Director paid $10 each). In addition, the team will be penalized one point per minute late in the next set up to a maximum of one set.
    • Teams that do not stay for officiating assignments will be fined $150 payable to the Gateway Region to, in part, pay the replacement officials (1st Referee, 2nd Referee and Scorer paid $20 each, each line judge and the visual Scorer paid $10 each, Tournament Director paid $20 and $40 to the Gateway Region).
    • Teams with outstanding fines may not participate in any sanctioned USAV event until all debts are paid.