2015-2016 Junior Mentor program

The Gateway Region organizes and administers a Mentor Program for all 11’s, 12's, and Boys 13's and 14's tournaments that are sanctioned through the Region. The Mentors are individuals who assist the officiating team at Jr Tournaments. They are assigned to help players and new coaches learn their roles so when they get older they will have a better understanding of their officiating duties. There is typically 1 mentor per court.

Mentors are Gateway members (16 years or older) who are competent in both refereeing (R1 and R2) and scoring (including libero tracking), and know how to teach the players and coaches what they should be doing. In order to get our Mentors to that level there is a comprehensive training they must attend. In addition they must pass the written exam and the practical exam before being permitted to Mentor.

To register, email Melissa Pouyer at pouyer@gatewayvb.org. More information will be emailed to you closer to the training sessions.

Mentor Training Sessions:

November 30, 2015
Kirkwood Community Center
December 30, 2015
Kirkwood Community Center