2015 Adult Officials Requirements



Click here for 2015-2017 USAV Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR)

Each participating team is required to provide:

  • A minimum of one 1st Referee and,
  • A minimum of one 2nd  Referee (1st Referee is automatically qualified to be a 2nd referee) and,
  • A minimum of one Scorekeeper (recommended to have an assistant scorekeeper to track the libero and aid with the visual score) and,
  • Two Line Judges.

Those officials must be in attendance at every match and officiate all pool play matches and playoff matches.

Note: A maximum of four people are allowed at the scorekeeping table: scorer, flipper, libero tracker and additional person in training or supervising.

Adult teams must provide capable officials for all sanctioned Gateway adult tournaments (Friendship and Regular Season). For teams to be capable they may:

  • Have adult certified officials (Provisional, Regional, etc). Requirements are defined later in this document.
  • Have junior qualified officials. Junior teams must complete a training process defined in the Junior Handbook.
  • Attend referee / scorekeeper clinics which are scheduled every season and posted on the Gateway website.

Mentors / raters will attend adult tournaments to determine team officiating capability and rate individuals who are in the process of becoming certified. Mentors / raters will provide feedback to officials, continue to train the officiating team, and identify problem areas which will be reported to the Gateway Office.


If teams do not have capable/certified officials for matches they are scheduled to officiate, they must pay a fee of $60 per official needed. This non-refundable fee is paid to the Tournament Director, who will then ensure there are capable/certified replacement officials. It is recommended that each replacement official receive $20 per match. This fee does not "buy" the rest of the officiating team. The team that is scheduled to officiate must still provide line judges and a visual score operator.

If the tournament director is intending to furnish paid referees, the amount of payment is $20/automatic 2 sets, $25/2 of 3 match, $30/automatic 3 sets for Provisional I and higher, certified USAV referees.

Note: Background screens are required for adult officials/mentors who work junior events. The cost is $20 per screen and screens are required every other year. Background screens are prompted during the membership application process in webpoint (found on the GW homepage, www.gatewayvb.org). Individuals should apply for membership / screens at least ONE week prior to participation in events in order to allow time for the screen to clear.