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What competitive age group should your young athlete be tryout out for? Click here for 2017 Birth Date Cutoff for the USAV Age Divisions to make sure your son/daughter is "age legal" to play for a particular team. Age waivers are granted for players who have to legally play "up" an age division due to summer birthdays.

For instance, players eligible to play in the 12 and under divison have to have been born on or after September 1, 2004. Most 6th graders fall into this age range. However, there are some 6th graders that were born in August or July of 2004, which means they have to play in the 13 and under age division. Those 6th graders who fall into the 13 and under age division may apply for an age waiver, to play with their 6th grade classmates.

For a variety of reasons, not all clubs will accept age-waivered players on their teams. Please goto our club profiles page to research which clubs/teams accept waivered players on their teams.

Information that might be helpful to parents of club aged athletes.

If you are new to USAV Junior Volleyball (club volleyball) you may want to read the
following articles. What you have to find out before you try out!!

  • Are you a youth sport parent or coach preparing for the upcoming Volleyball season?  Are you looking for helpful tips and advice?  If so, sign up for the Responsible Sports Weekly Coach and/or Parent tip email today! Each week, subscribers will receive an email with a quick tip to help keep your kids focused, motivated and happy as they go through their youth sports experience. Sign up today!
  • The start of Volleyball season is almost here.  Your young athletes are preparing for tryouts and dreaming of making the team. Responsible Sport Parents can help their kids learn the lessons of goal-setting right from the start of the season.  The experts at Positive Coaching Alliance along with Responsible Sports recommend what they call the 100-Point Exercise as a great way to kick off this discussion.

  • A Parent's Guide to Choosing a Junior Club
    Chris Clauss wrote this article for the Centerline.
  • There are no player transfers between active junior teams. The regular junior season runs from
    September 1 and concludes at the end of the JNC. Once a junior member has committed to a
    team/club (signed the Binding Commitment Letter and/or completed the registration process
    and paid fees) she/he may not leave that club to represent another club during that season.
  • In the event that a team has less than 6 committed players by 8am the Friday immediately following tryouts, the commitment letter, if signed, will be voided and those players released to find another team.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    A list of FAQ's and answers to assist parents who are considering Gateway club volleyball for their child
  • Open Gym Information
    Developed by Chris Clauss, this article is a must-read for parents and players.
  • 2017 Birth Date Cutoff for the USAV Age Divisions
  • Guidelines for Gateway Parents
    Recommendations to follow throughout the season
  • Parent Code of Conduct
    Behavior expectations for sanctioned events
  • Helicopter Parents...helping or hurting?
    Published with permission from the Arizona Region
  • Moms Team
    Website for parents -
  • Relax, It's Just a Game
    The North American public service campaign "Relax, it's just a game" was designed to raise awareness and promote discussion about the continuing problem posed by adults (parents, coaches and fans), who put too much pressure on young players involved in amateur hockey and other sports. The new campaign for 2003 still uses humor, but in a very different way from last year's campaign. Instead of focusing on the role-reversal of parents and children, the new campaign focuses more on how ridiculous some parents sound when they pressure their children at play

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