impact and Safesport

IMPACT is the minimum coaching requirement for Gateway Region Junior team coaches. IMPACT certification never expires. CAP certification surpasses IMPACT. An IMPACT certified coach is required to be on the bench at all tournaments and at any team practice.

2016-2017 IMPACT Clinics

Current IMPACT Clinics (Sept 2014-present) include the Safesport Module. There are 3 ways to attend an IMPACT Clinic. You attend one of the live sessions the Region hosts (listed below) or you may attend one of the online webinars that USAV hosts:


  • If you are a current registered member through Webpoint, please click here to register for the USAV IMPACT/Safesport OnDemand clinic.
  • If you are a current registered member through Webpoint, please click here to register for the USAV BEACH IMPACT/Safesport OnDemand clinic.
  • If you are not a registered member on Webpoint, please click here to register as a non-member for USAV IMPACT/Safesport OnDemand.
  • Coaches, if you experience ANY issues with the USAV OnDemand Education courses, please click here for help: or call (719) 228-6800. Certificates are always available to users by logging into USAV Academy, clicking on Transcript and then Certificates.


  • Please click here to check the USAV website-Education Section for details and updates.


  • IMPACT Clinics planned for the 2016-2017 season are listed below. More clinics may be added, so please check back for updates to this schedule. Registration will open after September 1, 2016. Fill out the Registration form and return to Melissa Pouyer at the Region office (314-849-1221 or Cost of each clinic is $30 per coach.

2017 Beach IMPACT Clinic!

Registration and exact clinic time for Beach IMPACT will be made available soon! Click here for the Beach Impact Registration Form!

November 12, 2016
9am - 2pm
Kirkwood Community Center
Rm 202
December 3, 2016
9am - 2pm
Kirkwood Community Center
Rm 202
December 4, 2016
10am - 3pm
St. Geneveive, MO
December 10, 2016
9am - 2pm
Kirkwood Community Center
Rm 202
May 19, 2017
Beach IMPACT - Visitation Academy
TBA - as needed outside Metro STL area

Send Registration form to Melissa Pouyer at the Gateway Region Office.

To verify IMPACT Certification either in the Gateway Region, via a USAV Webinar, or if we have been notified of completion in another Region then you can log into Webpoint. Click on “My Information” and look under "Current Certifications/BG Screening." It will have your IMPACT certification date and confirmation of completion which will be reflected on your roster. If you have any questions about this process or about your certification, please contact Melissa Pouyer at the Gateway Region at 314-849-1221 or

Safe Sport Training

All Junior Coaches and Officials (referees and scorers) to complete SafeSport by October 1, 2017. HOWEVER During the 2016-17 season, USAV is requiring that SafeSport certification be completed by all registered adults involved with any junior programming before participation in nationally sanctioned junior events will be permitted (Qualifiers, JNCs). To Take the training:

    • CLICK this link
    • CLICK “Add to Bag”
    • CLICK “Checkout” (there is no charge)
    • Follow the on-screen instructions for registering and completing the training. If you have never created a log in for this site click REGISTER.
    • If registering for the first time, be sure to “+Add Membership” and select USA Volleyball and enter your current USAV Membership Number. (NOTE: If you don’t have your Membership Number, you may enter your club affiliation.)

    NOTE: Users of Safari or Google Chrome have reported having difficulties completing online coursework. Tablet users or those on highly secure networks (school, bank, hospital) have also reported difficulties completing or navigating the online videos. Users with exceptionally strong pop-up blockers or security firewalls have also experienced difficulties. It is recommended that users access webpoint/USAV Academy from a computer or laptop and use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.