Adult volleyball

Men's Player Rep:

Don LaChance
(314) 984-6966

Women's Player Rep:

Ashley Scanio
Men's Player Level Rep:
BB - Chris Dickey / Kyle Kaiser
B - Kevin Stapleton-Cloud

Women's Player Level Rep:
A - Erin Albers
BB - Maureen O'Neill
B - Becky Czuppon


Click Here for Current List of Eligible Adult Players available for Tournament Play


Adult Regionals Dates and Location Announced

Adult Regionals will take place on Saturday April 1, 2017 at Parkway Central HS! To download entry form, click here! To complete registration for this event, mail or email completed entry form and send $100 entry fee to 10075 Bauer Rd, St. Louis, MO 63128. Entry Deadline is March 21, 2017.

Save The Date! - Spikin' It Dates Announced

Come join the VB Community at Kirkwood Fields on Saturday and Sunday July 15 and 16, 2017. Mens, Womens, Coed! 2's, 4's, 6's!

Senior Olympics - Calling all Athletes and Volunteers!

The St. Louis Senior Olympics, the regional competition for athletes aged 50 and older, is actively seeking applications for athletes to participate in more than 90 individual and team events over Memorial Day Weekend, May 25 – 30, 2017.

From basketball to bocce; soccer, softball and shuffleboard; to tap dancing, tennis and track – the Senior Olympics engage more than 1,100 athletes and hundreds of volunteers at more than a dozen different venues across the St. Louis area. The events are open to everyone. Athletes must be at least 50 years old, but there is no maximum age! Registration packets for will be available March 15th and the registration deadline is May 8th. You can take advantage of the “Early Bird Special” if you register by April 17th. The packets include registration for athletes and volunteers.

If you have any questions please contact Justin Bange at or 314-442-3216. We look forward to seeing you at the St. Louis Senior Olympics!

Adult Open VB Championships in Minneapolis, MN - Entry Deadlines

The 2017 Open National Championships registration information is posted here:

Registration opens on January 17, 2017, and housing opens on Wednesday December 14, 2016. Registration deadline in AES is April 10, 2017 - Payments must be received by 5pm MDT APril 11, 2017. For more information and deadlines, click here!

Play schedule - May 26 - May 31 Minneapolis, MN - Schedule TBD

National Collegiate Volleyball Federation Championships in Kansas City, MO Entry Deadlines

For the 2017 NCVF Team registration information Click Here!

The 2017NCVF National Tournament registration information Click Here!

2017 Adult Policy Changes

Season defined as Sept 1 thru Adult Nationals. (No Friendship Season).
  • Everyone must be a member.
  • All registrations must be done online in Webpoint. (No hard copy forms on site).
  • One One-day membership will be offered; $10. After that, a player must Upgrade to a Full Member (additional $40).
  • Collegiate Club membership option will be offered; $15 valid for entire GW season, not valid for nationals. (must be a member of a Collegiate Club team).
  • Region will post an alphabetical list of registered adults weekly, target update time is Friday by noon.
    • Report to include first name, last name, level of play and membership #.
  • Teams must submit a tournament roster to the tournament director prior to the start of the event.
  • Tournament director is responsible to verify membership of all participants.
    • Proof of membership for those not on the membership report posted on the GW website can be verified on site by showing Webpoint member status on phone.
    • Junior members playing must be registered by noon on Friday before their first tournament. Proof of membership can be verified by tournament director on site by Webpoint membership status on phone.
    • Junior teams must follow all requirements for participation in a junior event. Guidelines are listed in the Junior Handbook, i.e. teams must register with the region 10 days prior to their first sanctioned event.
  • Teams may submit a Team Registration Form to the office to register a team, however, this is not a requirement except for any team attending Nationals. If a team chooses to register a team, they can still pick up registered players from other clubs/teams and add them to their tournament roster. For individual players who are not included on a Team Registration Form (specific club and team) webpoint will include a Gateway Men’s and Gateway Women’s Club for players to choose at the time of registration. (Teams may form for single tournaments).
  • Tournament division levels to sanction: Open, A, BB, B; high/low playoff formats are optional.
Individual / Team Level of play
  • Adult player reps will assign and monitor individual levels of play.
  • Teams are allowed to have a maximum of 2 players from one level higher on a tournament roster.
  • Teams must provide capable officials.
  • USAV scoresheet will be used.
  • Matching uniforms are not required.
  • It is recommended that the Libero jersey should be a contrasting color.
  • Unique uniform numbers are required on both the front and back; taping numbers is allowed.
  • Teams must submit a Team Registration Form to GW Office in order to register a club/team; AES requires a club code for entry.
  • Rosters must be approved by appropriate Player Rep Committee.

Future 2016-2017 National Events!

  • NCVF April 13-15 in Kansas City, MO
  • Adult Open Championships May 26-31 in Minneapolis, MN

Gateway Region Buying Alliance

The Gateway Region has joined a Buying Alliance comprised of several other Regional Volleyball Associations of USA Volleyball.

This Alliance was created to aid our Region members who buy volleyball equipment and apparel annually. Several National companies were contacted to see if significant discounts could be negotiated with a large number of orders being grouped together nationally. Many companies were on board and very interested in offering this benefit to the USA Volleyball members.

We encourage our clubs to check out the companies and utilize the service. If the Alliance is a success across the country, we will be able to add more companies and negotiate bigger discounts to pass along to the members.

Check out the companies and offers now available through the Buying Alliance.

Adult Forum Minutes - July 29, 2012